Alpine Air

  • An intoxicating witches brew of galactic turquoise water is as perplexing as it is stunning. As such, these lakes etch hauntingly beautiful memories in the mind. Banff National Park, the inspiration for Alpine Air, is home to many of these mind-bending topaz lakes, which are wrapped together by tall, snowy mountains and deep-green alpine trees as nature’s gift to the eyes. The glacial water is calm, inviting, and there for those in search of life’s vitality.

    Limited Edition of 995

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  • Limited Edition of 995. Each canvas print is numbered and signed by the artist and comes with a Lennox© certificate of authenticity.

    Art cards and paper prints are open editions until the limited edition canvas versions of the image have sold out. At this point, the art cards and paper prints will no longer be produced.

    The price of this collectible will increase by 25% after 80% of the edition has been sold.

    Lennox© products are custom-made and require 4-7 business days for production. Please take this into consideration when ordering and factoring shipping time.

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